What was the project challenge? The project investigated which social media practices are successful (i.e. had influence) and why they work, to discover the ways in which activists and community groups utilise social media tools to communicate with the public. The aim was to create detailed requirements needed to establish a new community […] Read More >


Policy Beta will create a digital platform for citizens to network, generate ideas, debate issues, and vote on the policies that formulate principles for political action. In essence Policy Beta will provide a platform for crowdsourcing public policy. As a policy crowdsourcing platform, Policy Beta addresses the participatory deficiency in modern […] Read More >


What was the project challenge? Can we all profit from being good? Following the global economic decline, Local Trade aims to ‘re-boot’ collaborative endeavours through stimulating altruistic behaviours, rewarding local creativity,  and innovation. Its ambitions lie in retaining local wealth and improving community resilience through the three bottom lines of […] Read More >


What was the project challenge? LifeMirror set out to reintroduce local cinema as a community tool, enhancing community spirit with entertainment and creating a new arena for communicating ideas on a daily basis. The challenge was to create an online crowd sourced film making system to provide a new form of citizen communication and engagement. […] Read More >


What is the project challenge? Less is More will provide ‘proof of concept’ for a Lancaster-based real-life-digital ‘game’ that sets real-life sustainable challenges that are rewarded with online recognition and/or physical rewards. The game would aim to encourage people to consume less and make more sustainable lifestyle choices. We envisage […] Read More >


What was the project challenge? Ecohome is taking a collective, community-led approach, to develop and test innovative household energy data engagement strategies.  The project aims to reduce energy usage and improve the performance and quality of participants’ homes. The information and tools developed will be independent from the big six energy companies. Who were involved? […] Read More >


What is the project challenge? With the government’s push towards localism – such as the right to build, communities need to understand publicly available data before they can make informed decisions. For example Councils now publish data on all expenditure over £500, but this is often difficult to analyse and understand. Community Data Explorer […] Read More >


What is the project challenge? Can we use mobile technology in our parks to keep healthy and active? Green spaces, such as parks are seen by the majority of public as a key contributor to wellbeing and the environment and have a proven track record in reducing the impact of […] Read More >

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